1. Berzeck

    Berzeck New Member

    Hello everybody!
    As agreed with RealSolid, I will start posting here some news and important updates from WDC team. Gladly we both understand that we are not competing to each other, and having different ideas about how crypto will evolve just increases the chance that some of us will actually make it.
    This is the first step in what we consider will be a very fruitfully relationship and maybe in the future we join forces developing some projects together (If you ever wondered how ridiculous is the fact there are 600+ coins with 600+ developers you will understand the long term benefit of this thread)

    Download new 2.0.2 WDC wallet (actually we don't call it wallet anymore but WBC - Worldcoin Business Center, the wallet is just a module in our new architecture), please download readme file for a detailed list of features not seen in crypto sphere.
    Screenshot 1
    Please consider subscribing to our forum
    If you have any question please don't doubt to ask here or on our forum.
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  2. yuppie

    yuppie New Member

    Do you guys have an IRC channel? Wiki?
  3. Berzeck

    Berzeck New Member

    Hello, irc channel is #worldcoin at irc.freenode.net
    We don't have wiki :( we need help on web related topics.
    We are rebuilding our community from scratch :)
  4. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Yes so many coins, do you know where WorldCoin came along, as in what number? The thing is a lot of developers are very passionate about making things better but do not seem to get respect from the community as a whole, very unfortunate. You've done a lot of work on your wallet and those other things you mentioned privately to me should be very good too!

    In regards to WorldCoin are there any plans to move away from Proof of Work to something more secure? I would love to be able to add WorldCoin to mtmox but I will only be adding things which are financially secure or have steady heavy hashrates to minimize any financial losses from the backbones themselves. I foresee future coins to be using another security method for the blocks themselves and using mining as the revenue/commodity generation only. Rather than PoW being both generation + security.
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  5. Berzeck

    Berzeck New Member

    Thanks for your comment Ryler!

    I prefer to think that we are a completely new coin and decouple horrendous past 'mistakes' of previous management from our current team and new community, it's less painful this way :D
    Regarding PoW, we will definitely change scheme sooner or later, it is perfectly clear (it should at least) that PoW isn't the ultimate solution, the thing is that I don't want to change to something that probably will be temporary anyway like PoS, therefore I will wait until a solid chain technology emerges that solves scalability and other problems .... could be hyperledger, maybe microcash? we will see, but the worst thing we could do is to start jumping from one scheme to another just because of a crypto fashion trend if you know what I mean. Right now there are thousands of developers searching for what I call the crypto holy grail and there are very interesting ideas on how to solve these problems although it is too soon to bet our future on one specific technology right now since 99% of these ideas will never see day of light, won't scale or will die for one reason or another. Also we have decided that we won't join this overcrowded race and instead will focus our development efforts to other areas that aren't actively explored.

    Good timing, patience, endurance and hard work are key to survive this game

    Regarding security, we are constantly hitting first spots on hash rate power (not counting merged coins) and from 4GH/s one year ago we are now at 10-12 GH/s minimum, considering that no new ASIC Scrypt models have being launched since then (that i know of ) and that the price is still very low this implies that we are definitely one of the Scrypt coins less profitable to attack; there are tens of Scrypt coins that probably would be targeted first if some one is interested to steal or damage crypto.
  6. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    I agree with not quickly changing to something if you only need to change again! And yes there are many scrypt coins that are vulnerable, it is unfortunate.
  7. bitmonk

    bitmonk New Member

    Glad to see WDC still alive and syncing here. When will we see WDC trading high with the big boys?

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