1. hanan listyo wibowo

    hanan listyo wibowo New Member


    my name is hanan listyo wibowo
    i from indonesian
    my age is 16 old
    i send this email because, i want to translate your website language to indonesian.
    this is my information about my translate :

    i already translate many annoucement to indonesian language ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=192.0), you can check on forum altcoin indonesian, see post started by hananl1styo, and one dev who at any time are always ask me from PM for translate into Indonesia, that is cloakteam. my translate already review from moderator indonesian, and it good translate.

    i set the cost is $0.01/word

    my contact :

    email : [email protected]
    username skype : hananl1styo
    username bitcointalk.org : hananl1styo


    Hanan Listyo Wibowo
  2. necom

    necom Administrator Staff Member MC Developer

    Thank you for your offer/request. At this moment, we're not ready to start translations, but I know it will come up eventually. Maybe it will be worth eventually setting up a thread purely for translations, since a world-wide currency will need a bit of help spreading the word around.

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