1. yuppie

    yuppie New Member

    I've been recently introduced to poloniex.com. Seems that trades execute pretty fast. They've got a healthy trollbox and quite a bit of volume on ETH and MAID at the moment.

    What are some exchanges you like to trade at? What coins are you speculating on?
  2. fellow

    fellow Member

    For me the only coin I speculate on is BURST since I mined and hold "tons" of it.
    Even if there is no real usecase at the moment the integrated AT technology offers a great outlook.
    There are some things ongoing which may make it exchangeable with BTC on chain at some point.
    The PoC algo offers a really cheap distributed way to secure the chain since a miner can only decide to mine or not to mine a block and has no influence which transactions get included.

    I would like to trade on mtmox but have to use polo and this is why polo is no perfect solution for me:

    The way they moderate the trollbox is a bit annoying because they only allow "fud and spam" to create a good feeling for their users.
    There is no way to communicate in a normal way without getting banned.

    Beside the felt speed they have some real issues on high load making it impossible to place trades by the api or web frontend (this happened several times during the eth pumps and dumps lately).
    I think this is somehow related to their margin trading since margin orders may have priority over regular exchange trades which disables the regular exchange users on big shorts to dump before margin orders are covered/processed.

    The way they use websockets requires me to refresh on regular basis to have an up to date order book.
    They seem to have the user trade history now and then down for a couple of minutes (my bot bought too high since i was lazy and did not added a check wether the exchange returns what i expect it to return - my fault - fixed it lately).

    They have added dailie withdrawal limits some time ago.
    I think they did this to keep coins in the exchange and to keep possible losses on system failures lower.
  3. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Withdrawal limits are not good security. I can understand why some sites implement them given how unsure they can be of certain things with traditional web languages. To me it is usually a sign they have liquidity issues, for whatever reasons. Not every liquidity issue an exchange faces is hack based, often mistakes and bugs can make you incur losses (though make you more responsible than a hack perhaps).

    One big advantage of the mtmox codebase (including prior versions) is the ability to have the entire state of the exchange in the one "application", so everything can be monitored. Which is why I had some artificial intelligence analyzing the financial state constantly to find any issues and bugs that may exist. All user access goes through an authorized pipeline, there is no way to escape it, unfortunately you cannot design most traditional web languages like this without slowing them down significantly.

    I coded the mtmox pipeline specifically for the exchange use case where every single http request is authorized before any analyzing of what it does occurs, which immediately limits its access to the system. And if there is ever a bug the AI will catch it before it becomes able to be utilized by anyone. It is a nice secure system, I never had any issues with it over a long period of time.

    However I had issues with the backend financials, the wallets are just not up to the task of the exchange use case which introduces delays where there shouldn't be. And many of the coins themselves are not very secure at all or constantly change. So I will be limiting the exchangeable items to only secure stuff going forward like MicroCash (and perhaps any assets/sidechains of that), or things like Bitcoin and Litecoin which are reasonably secure due to high hashrate. I would love to trade new things like Eth too but I will wait and see how stable it becomes first. The same with the new Nxt, all the things which are moving things forward in some way and are secure.

    Getting this back to Polo, I like many aspects of their design and unlike Cryptsy their trading engine seems fairly decent. So it is hard to criticize much of what they do, I just hope they can remain secure with everyones funds. It is better for the whole community if we can develop some practices in these centralized sites that protects peoples funds better. I don't mind sharing my knowledge with others on this if it helps.
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2016
  4. SuperTramp

    SuperTramp Administrator Staff Member

    I've looked at them briefly but have basically been out of the crypto-trading game since the ultra-lighting fast mcxnow closed :(
    Good to see you found another option. And that volume on ETH is INCREDIBLE !!
  5. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Are ETH devs allowed to use those funds they got to promote volume on exchanges?
  6. maxalt

    maxalt Hey macarena!

    Since the demise of mcx I have mainly used poloniex and bittrex, i have a few worthless coins lost to cryptsy.
    I lost interest in trading because no other exchange compared to mcx for speed and security.
    Also i played with leverage for a bit on okcoin but the manipulation on all these leverage sites is insane.
    I personally hodl btc eth ltc wdc and some doge however our site does support a few other alts in the house such as mnc dot tri start and ofc the big 1 bumba :)
  7. GielBier

    GielBier Moderator Staff Member

    I hardly trade coins atm. (Mostly futures , and then only when i have time).
    I have some Eth, Btc, wdc, sooncoin,skeincoin, groestlcoin, bolivarcoin and prolly a lot other coins. I really need to organize the altcoin stuff.
  8. enagi

    enagi New Member

    In terms of speed and fun, there was (and still is) simply no match for mcxNow.

    Currently, I use poloniex most of the time, and btc-e sometimes. And, very occasionally, the seemingly forgotten exchange Vircurex has some nice arbitrage offer. I lost small amount of BTC when cryptsy collapsed, not a big deal ;).

    I'm holding BTC and some CLAM
  9. risky

    risky New Member

    I hope someone makes a decentralized exchange soon enought, i hate using centralized exchanges. I have high hopes for the maidsafe project and i think it will have some of the first viable decentralized exchanges after it is released.
  10. bitmonk

    bitmonk New Member

    Bittrex and c-cex.com is a good source of average volume coins in the market, but the drawback is trading is not that fast and smooth compared to poloniex.com
  11. microguy

    microguy New Member

    I hope new upcoming RAWX.io will be a lot faster and secure and no SCAM involved

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