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    Want to help out with MicroCash? Let us know some things about you and we'll see where we might fit you in. Thank you for your interest!

    More info will be posted here soon, but for now, some basic common sense applies to what we'd like to know about you:
    • Why do you want to be involved with MicroCash?
    • What expertise do you have?
      • ie: development skills or personal skills that you can contribute, etc.
    • How much time are you willing to allocate to working with us?
      • It's OK if you don't have a lot of time, but you just need to tell us. If you'd even like to do something once a week, we might still have some things you can do. Just be honest.
    • You're a fed, aren't you?
      • This may not preclude you from involvement, but we're curious to know.
    • ..etc... just user your common sense about what we might want to know about you.

    More details soon. Thanks for your interest.
Thread Status:
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