1. bitmonk

    bitmonk New Member

    So will RAWX.io starts trading with just a few coins or will it be like the rest of the pack like yobit.net, c-cex.com and bittrex? How could one request for a coin to be added on the exchange?
  2. Julian

    Julian New Member

    That is a good question, indeed. I will put some thought into what will qualify a currency to be traded on RAWX.io and let you know to which conclusion I came.

    Right now, my main focus lies on frontend development.

    However I am always open to suggestions from the community!
  3. Edmar

    Edmar New Member

    RAWX.io have BTC exchange already?
  4. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    When you have an exchange that has a token based fee system like mcxNOW had and RAWX will have it is an interesting dilemma. In regards to profit making the more "stuff" you have to trade the more profit will be made, regardless of what actually is traded. That is the how profit model of exchanges after all.

    The problem when you have a lot of things to trade is the UI tends to be very cluttered but I think some smart decisions can be made to simplify that. The other downside is performance usually sucks but that won't be the case with RAWX code. Also administrating can become more complicated (look at the Cryptsy drama for example) but that is a solvable problem.

    I had some ideas that haven't really been done before on an exchange that I have passed along to Julian but it is up to him whether he wants to implement any of them.

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