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    Website: https://rawx.io

    altcoin exchange

    mcxNOW was a successful and popular exchange which closed in late 2014 so that a better support system could be implemented. A redesign was also needed to handle the large increase in currencies needed to be a modern exchange.
    While the delay has been much longer than anticipated it is finally nearing reality!

    A new owner has taken over the site, my name is Julian and I ran SolidCoin24 one of the first successful Bitcoin exchanges in 2011. I have the necessarily motivation, experience and morals to run an exchange, my last site was not hacked and no customer funds were ever lost. Which is one of the main reasons I was able to acquire the mcxNOW technology from Realsolid as this was important to him.

    Improvements over mcxNOW
    As a lot of people may know one of the main reasons mcxNOW was so quick and efficient was the fact it had a custom C++ coded backend. That brings with it challenges and advantages, it takes more skill to use it effectively, but the upside is customers get a much better experience. I have the necessarily skills to take that C++ codebase forward, along with the frontend knowledge to develop a user friendly website. Since obtaining mcxNOW I have developed a more modern and cleaner frontend that takes better advantage of the power that the backend has and I am implementing the unfinished parts of the backend. But I will make sure to leave some power and customization in there for the advanced users as I am aware they were an important part of the mcxNOW culture!

    The new name of the exchange will be RAWX which can be pronounced like "Raw - X" or "rocks", you can see the work in progress as I finish the site here :- https://rawx.io

    Follow the progress
    There is already some screenshots and an FAQ section on the page to give you an impression what it will look like. I also put some at the end of this post.
    Additionally, you can sign up for a newsletter in case you want to be informed as soon as there is something new (especially a release date).
    You can also join the #RAWX IRC channel on freenode.

    Old mcxNOW users might be aware of mcxFEEs. They were an on-exchange currency and allowed users to participate in the fees generated by the exchange. mcxFEE holders will be pleased to hear that their fees will be converted 1:1 to RAWX fees called rawxFEE. The total amount of rawxFEEs will still be 100,000.

    I know that Realsolid had his own "style" in running an exchange, and that many people found that style offensive and unprofessional. I have a very different style and will hopefully be able to draw back in anyone who was affected by that.

    Preview screens (not final)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. daemon

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    Is there any tentative ETA for the formal launch of RAWX.io ?
  3. notyep

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    This is excellent news Julian! Solidcoin24 was my playground back in the day and no doubt based on what I've seen so far, Rawx is going to be off the charts! Question, are the solidcoins that were stashed on McxNOW going to get ported over to McBUX or are there other plans for them?
  4. Julian

    Julian New Member

    Thanks for your positive feedback!

    There will be a closed beta in early June. ETA for the official public launch is late June.

    There are no plans for that yet to be honest.
  5. roméo

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    Nice to hear!

    Good luck Julian

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