1. yuppie

    yuppie New Member

    We've got a few positions open on the MicroCash team that we're looking to outsource or pay someone to deliver on.

    This list will be updated as time goes on to track work that has yet to be done, new work we find that needs doing and work that has been completed.

    List of Current Objectives
    • Web Site Developer:
      • Rebuild the microcash.org homepage to have a simple Parallax theme.
    • Wallet Developer:
      • Mainly focused on the UI/UX
    • Node Dev
      • Currently Assigned to "Ryler Sturden"
      • More developers welcome
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  2. necom

    necom Administrator Staff Member MC Developer

    This thread just moved in here for now. Each task needs to be separated out into its own thread.

    I will post some instructions on ideas for how to structure these threads, but for now, I'll leave this here and we can sort it later.

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