1. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    So currently we are all here under this name "MicroCash". Do you have a better name?

    Consider the goals of the project to provide an open, transparent and more efficient banking/financial system than the world currently has. With zero restrictions on its use. Under the notion that if there is a better alternative to the existing system that people will choose to use it because it makes financial sense to. People will use it because it actually provides them financial freedom, gives them back the control they should have. People will use it because there is no more middleman taking profits.

    This is played out throughtout the world a lot right now. Retail sales are dying in favor of the internet. CDs died. DVDs/blurays are dying. It is all digital now. And the banks dying because they are inefficient/corrupt/list goes on, is just another stone on this path of obsolescence. There is zero need for the existing financial system to exist when a free, unrestricted, transparent option is available.

    • It immediately conveys that it is computer related
    • It immediately conveys it is dealing with cash/money
    • Sounds fairly good off the tongue
    • "Micro" could be deemed a negative, implying small, tiny amounts of cash
    • Three syllables for a name is typically not good
    • Immediate negative connotations for some people currently involved in cryptocurrency due to being vaporware/related to solidcoin/me/supporters
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  2. ziggy

    ziggy New Member

    If "Micro" seems negative simply change to "Macro"
  3. ziggy

    ziggy New Member

    if you're considering other names how about " TransCash " which would convey the movement of cash.
  4. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Some new names off the top of my head. Just put things out there and the energy will come.




  5. Sujiram

    Sujiram New Member

    StableCash, DigiCash, FreeDCash....
  6. manny hammers

    manny hammers New Member

    safe- protected intact snug guarded impervious inviolable invulnerable cherished preserved tended
    fast- rapid agile brisk nimble swift snap presto pronto accelerated expeditious
    open- accessible wide free clear extended expansive unimpeded unburdened uncovered revealed
    cash- currency money coinage capital liquidity specie asset l​
  7. notyep

    notyep New Member



    EVERCASH (ECD). Mt. Everest as logo :)

    Just a few ideas...
  8. SuperTramp

    SuperTramp Administrator Staff Member

    I have no problems with it being called "MicroCash" but I would also be open to something else, just haven't seen
    any ideas that I particularly like 'more'.
  9. SuperTramp

    SuperTramp Administrator Staff Member

    If there was something that would help imply that it is instant - "instacash" I think that could gain traction...
  10. notyep

    notyep New Member

    I've always liked microcash... As I typed this, "miicash" came to mind (i.e. ME CASH or MY CASH) depending on how you feel to roll the ii's wherein mii represents the media independent interface to open and free global banking technology. A little over the top, I know.... I can dig instacash though... :)
  11. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    mycash sounds alright to me. I can just instantly tell it must already be used though. Some sort of loan shark company.
  12. notyep

    notyep New Member

    You're right.. mycash.org is available for $8k per year and mycash.com, not even a offer to give it up...
  13. notyep

    notyep New Member

    What about "zetacash" (the last in cryptocurrency: ZTC)? We can snag it if we want it...
  14. Sujiram

    Sujiram New Member

    We should think about currency name usage in common business conversations.
    How many CashBits?
    How much BitCash?
    My English is pretty bad, but someone should write several phrases and we then will see which names are comfortable to use.

    IWILLBUYALL New Member

    BitCash is ok. I rather like MicroCash, but for alternatives...

    How about 'BitBank' or 'BankBit' or 'BitCrypt' or 'CryptBit' or 'SmartCash' or 'OpenCoin' or 'OpenCash'
  16. GielBier

    GielBier Moderator Staff Member

    I would keep it simple. MicroCash is a nice one. But things like FlashCash, InstaCoin, Instacoin etc. are im my opinion not doing justice to the project. I would prefer MicroCash. Considering that first end goal should be be adoption. I think NO flashy/exposing names should be used for now, and just continue on the working title MicroCash.
  17. notyep

    notyep New Member

    At the end of the day, I couldn't agree more. Let's keep the name "Microcash" and move to the next challenge... :)
  18. fellow

    fellow Member

    while reading all this above REALCASH came up in my mind first (even if RC or XRC are already taken).

    if not focusing onto CASH in the name and choosing something totally artificial there may be many options.
    i do not think that micro in the name sounds in any way negative if you have in mind that the big money flows into nano technology.

    in terms of provocation in the name we may think about QUANTUM.
    everyone who googles this term in relation to crypto will first be shown results how insecure bitcoin is for quantum computers.
    with a right pr this may be useful somehow. if anyone blames the name we can simply say the idea behind is that we are a transaction chain which compares to btc like quantum computers to asics and in terms of speed it is like cash to wire transfers (pr wise to get attention)...and now tell me what you want to use.
  19. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    I don't necessarily think we want to showcase ourselves as "Better than Bitcoin" as a main point. Bitcoin is better in certain aspects than the MicroCash core aspires to be, ie the limited commodity aspect to it will likely make it more valuable per UNIT for some time if not forever. Whilst limited commodities could be built into MC as "Sidechains", even Bitcoin itself may eventually do that, they shouldn't be considered MicroCash any more than NTFS filesystem can claim ownership of any project which uses it. They are things which use the MC technology to do things that people want.

    We have improved on many aspects of Bitcoin technology, sure, but the main point here isn't a crypto war it is a war against the financial system in place. Not things like Bitcoin, or any other crypto. All open cryptocurrency and cryptocommodities, even the ones which are open to severe attacks, are all valuable to the MC cause. So we need to work with all of them to build that network of alternatives, no matter what they are. And the reality is once MC source is released some may fold into MC as a sidechain, or even fork MC itself and create their new brand with better technology than they had before. All of these make MC, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc more valuable, not less valuable, as it brings more and more people into this alternative financial network.

    People will realize the benefits MC has over the others, and whatever benefits the others may have over MC themselves just through use of them I think. A bitcoiner or litecoiner or whoevercoiner are all very likely users of MicroCash so we do not want to alienate any of them. I also think we need to encourage all the cryptocoins and commodities out there to see that this is about working together on a common cause. All of them can be valuable, all of them can be used, and this doesn't harm us at all, it helps us.

    Education is the key point and people that care will educate themselves. Those that don't care will not educate themselves and rely on "buzz" and "the feel of it". But if you have some sort of spin on that education then even smart people will feel like they are being brainwashed and react aggressively, even if it is the truth. So it is a fine line to tread here, the cryptocommunity is often very sensitive to any claims and anyone trying to do anything different. This knowledge has to be used correctly if we want to have any hope of encouraging existing crypto users into using MC.
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  20. necom

    necom Administrator Staff Member MC Developer

    I'll +11 the notion of not "competing" or being "better than BrandX".. unless that brand is Visa or a bank, of course. :p

    I really like the general tone of the previous post and will keep my brainstorming engine working on some names/ideas along the lines of a name or brand that is unique(-ish) to what we're trying to create here, and not just another altcoin-like thing.

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