1. necom

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    Please chime in with a port you'd like to see used as the default MicroCash UDP port for the nodes to communicate on the network.

    Some notes:
    • Currently (alpha2) defaulting to port 1111 for the first node. Starting more nodes increments from there (e.g. 1112, 1113), so you can suggest just the base port.
    • On Linux, ports below 1024 are reserved for root, so any suggested ports should be above 1024, please.
    • I'm not sure about Windows port limitations at the moment, so I'll more research, but please note anything about Windows reserved ports if they exist.
    • Please do a little research on your suggested port range, to save us a little time. If you suggest a port that is known to be Bitcoin's default (default RPC port 8332, I think), you'll just draw ire and scorn. You don't want that do you?
    Thanks for your suggestions!
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    the 3rd 1st 20th and 8th letters of the alphabet

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