1. pineapples

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    This is an interesting interview with Nexus developer, he says some interesting things and has a nice attitude :)

    Published on Apr 15, 2016
    Amazing explanation of development from a brilliant developer named Colin. He explains what needs to be improved on Bitcoin and how Nexus is the project which is a proven experiment that works.

    Colin gets deep into the subjects of cryptocurrency, monetary policy, economics, Testla and new technology, Bitcoin, Nexus and the solutions he has presented. Colin explains how it works, how it came to be and where it is going.

    nex·usˈneksəs' : a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

    "It is not the concept of money – monetary value – that is the issue; it is the implementation of it."

    Money is only a container of energy allowing exchange of value between two parties. Nexus applies a decentralized, mathematically regulated, transparent currency designed for stability and sustainability: The denomination of Nexus is termed The Niro. Decentralization is inherent to success, as centralized points only serve as fail points, as malleable targets to be exploited for the benefit of few. In order for a system to be designed in service of the people, its creation must be forged under like principles. This has been brought forth through history, in its successful implementations of self-governance, of liberty, and the right to sustenance for all life. This right has been circumvented, in which, our only choice is to form a Nexus, to combine our strength as global citizens – and preserve our right to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. These Connections of Economies, Ideas, People, Computers, and Resources will free humankind. Nexus fosters Freedom, Innovation, and Self Sufficiency and applies these concepts in the following regions of knowledge: Viz. Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics. Nexus Software, LLC supplements The Nexus by developing these concepts to establish an economy that gives power to the people, the citizens: the working force that is the movement of a system.

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  2. Ryler Sturden

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    He sounds like a lot of regulars in the cryptocurrency scene I know, full of hippy verbosity and little actual value and action. Forking Bitcoin and using its technology is not actually doing much, I know better than most since I was among the first that did it.

    That being said, not much of what he said is wrong in my opinion, and what matters more than great technology is marketing. If people don't know about your great technology then people will just use stone tools to trade.

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