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    yes. so i made one.

    (also on the https://forum.bitcoin.com/post18048.html#p18042)

    Please feel free to keep an eye on it and participate if it rocks your socks.
    Or suggest any changes I could make to the OP to improve it.
    Here's the contents --


    Nearly 5 years in the making, MicroCash seems nearly ready to hit the light of day with it's recent Alpha release 2.
    The main developer Real Solid has finally come out of his closet with juices flowing.

    Microcash fits into the general mold of P2P de-centralized currency using cryptographically secure free and open network with zero-trust accounting,
    Apart form it's obvious ability to destroy modern banking and money processing methods, it also has numerous sparkling features which make it valuable and some which set it strongly apart from other coins featuring generic BTC code base.

    - Instant transactions that are 100% irreversible. No need to trust a miner (proof of work) or rich person (proof of stake) to not reverse your transactions. No need to wait, at all.
    - An account system that mimics existing banking accounts, making it easy to progress from existing financial system to MicroCash. Store extra data there to help with your business or set yourself apart from the world. Give it a name so people can send payments to your name rather than a crypto address.
    - Extremely efficient. Can already scale past Visa, Mastercard and PayPal transaction levels COMBINED on a normal PC. Current figures suggest "over 15,000 transactions per second on a generic i7" using UDP to minimize bandwidth and latency.
    - 100% entirely new C++11 source code. Designed to be easy to understand and work on. Not derived from Bitcoin or any other crypto project. 100% free (MIT license).
    - 100% independent from external libraries to ensure integrity and efficiency
    - All financial rules are 100% decentralized over the P2P network, every single node has to verify every single transaction for it to count. Nothing can slip by, ever. Outside of world changing cryptography breaks - MicroCash is able to be verified to be 100% secure in regards to the MicroCash financial "state" where all the money is stored.
    - Sidechain support from the start. You can add your PoW, PoS, first-comes, cryptokey, or whatever system to MicroCash easily. You don't even need to do it in C++, just hook into the node via the extremely fast API.
    - HTTP server built in to the node so it can serve a wallet directly to any web browser. Access your wallet from anywhere in the world at any time, to send money instantly. No more waiting.
    - Easy API access to develop businesses around. Because it is 100% secure and instant it will be extremely easy to slot into any existing payment system. No need to wait for confirms or worry about anything at all. If money comes in, then you have the money until you want to spend it, it is as simple as that. No one can take it away from you.
    - Multiple P2P nodes in the same binary. Control them from the web interface. Start, stop them or change their settings. See the nodes they are connected to. All in real time. No more cryptic command line routines to remember.
    - Built in account and transaction explorer. No need for external 3rd party services to see what should be standard information in a financial network. The state of the system. Look at any account you want, look at any transaction you want. But unless you own that account there is nothing you can do to it! Well, besides send money to it of course!
    -see https://forums.microcash.org/threads/microcash-overview.10/

    Microcash has a long history of development and community springing from it's SolidCoin roots, but it is still grappling with various decisions. It is one thing to code a working system, another to actually fill in the variables.
    Users and Developers of all levels are encouraged to come and participate in it's growth. Testing and Community involvement are required to fulfill it's life into a breathing network.

    Microcash distribution nor network maintenance will not involve PoW. It will be generated then distributed. The current proposed model for distribution involves two main methods
    1. Buying it, by sending BTC to a fixed address and funds will be distributed accordingly upon completion
    2. Community participation, you participation in the forums or other approved methods will be rewarded (hint, when you sign up tell them pineapples sent you ;)
    - see https://forums.microcash.org/threads/how-to-get-microcash-initial-economic-seeding.27/

    It is important for any currency to have a great distribution model, Microcash is no exception. Distribution is open to everyone who wants to participate.

    SolidCoin was a very early BitCoin variant designed by RealSolid and released late 2011. It could be considered an early variant of Microcash. SolidCoin is worth mentioning at this point that there has been earlier discussion about converting into Microcash, but that is no longer being considered (for more info on this see above link on economic seeding).
    For a longer history of SolidCoin some further good reading is at https://forums.microcash.org/threads/solidcoin-was-first-to-do-proof-of-stake.33/

    useful links -

    MicroCash forum : https://forums.microcash.org/
    MicroCash Alpha Release 2 : https://forums.microcash.org/threads/microcash-alpha-release-2.17/
    MicroCash wiki : http://wiki.microcash.org/index.php/Main_Page
  2. Ryler Sturden

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    Thanks for making the effort pineapples. It seems the usual quality response at the Bitcointalk forum. :) You wrote a pretty good description anyhow.

    In regards to bitcoin.com the #bitcoin channel on freenode is saying it is a scam site. I suspect the bitcointalk forum people may be spreading some misinformation on that as I have no idea how that site could be a scam but maybe someone will enlighten us. It is sad how so many people just throw that term around with no care.
  3. SuperTramp

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    Nice work pineapples! Bitcointalk is not an easy crowd and a bit of 'history' there with MC & SC. Not an 'easy' hurdle to overcome by any stretch of the imagination. I think once we have a working beta on our hands it will be a bit easier to market. :)
  4. Ryler Sturden

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    Well one of them made a good point about lack of white paper and information. We are really lacking on that atm, hope to fix this soon.
  5. pineapples

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    I haven't paid much attention, just know it has something to do with Roger Ver, and I seem to recall it was claimed to have been created in the larger battle for freedom !!!
    ie something about censorship with in the bitcoin community

    I believe its creation did ruffle a few feathers, but I don't know tbh the real /true/ whole /undeniable story.

    Bitcointalk is a big pile of poo, but it is the most popular pile of poo around for sure.
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    There is a thread on forum.bitcoin.com, Why are you a member of this forum?

    Melbustus :
    I've been a very active member of bitcointalk since mid 2011. Sadly, I no longer consider it a good venue for Bitcoin discussion. Without getting into details, it suffices to say that theymos and the other mods of bitcointalk and /r/bitcoin (on reddit) are aggressively removing threads and posts that they don't agree with in a self-admitted campaign to hide others' views. This has pushed myself and others to seek new bitcoin-focused communities without aggressive censorship. I hope this forum and others thrive.

    rogerver :
    Those are the same reasons I'm here, and why I was motivated by the people on /r/BitcoinXT to setup this forum.
    Please help spread the word that this forum will permit dissenting views.
    In an open debate, the truth will likely win out in the end.
  7. Ryler Sturden

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    Well it is the same story that those people allow against other people, including myself. These baseless accusations that don't even pass a retard test let alone a logic test. I tried to determine why bitcoin.com was deemed a "scam site" and no one said anything. Yet it is advertised widely as such by, apparently, a Bitcoin community that is pretending to not be motivated by financial reasons.
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    Yeah, and it's been made news that /r/bitcoin has been taking down any post mentioning the strings "ETH" and "Etherium", automatically.
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    That's kinda weird, I'm sure I put the bitcointalk thread in altcoin\discussion NOT altcoin\announcements :p
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    Well it is other peoples forums with their own rules. :)
  16. fellow

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    relax, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and finally they want to be your best friend ;-)
  17. pineapples

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    Well i got my account back, no idea why i was banned though :p
  18. MrCrazy

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    I commemorate you with thine Golden Troll award, Sir. If I was in charge of anything around here I probably would have just said to refrain from posting on bitcointalk as you can see, the responses were far more than typical as one would have expected, I could have told you which user names would be the loudest with responses and would have been correct [laughing out loud]
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    lol. It takes a small amount of self-control not to engage with trolls (and I am generally far too prone to have fun with trolls).
    I endeavour to only engage non-confrontationally :D and perhaps those who might benefit from the thread will continue to do so

    And there's always the attitude that any publicity is good publicity.

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