1. Julian

    Julian New Member

    Hello guys,
    maybe you remember the old Solidcoin exchange solidcoin24 which was run by me.
    I am thinking about re-implementing a Microcash exchange (Bitcoin <-> Microcash in the beginning, later also for fiat money).
    What do you think?
  2. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Hi Julian, I remember you quite well. Not only did you provide a decent service you also opened source your exchange which I think is to be commended. Unfortunately people like you that aren't so money orientated are rare these days but I think it would be great if you would open an exchange.

    I hope to have my exchange running as well around the time of launch but given the work load I am under I cannot guarantee it. The other thing to consider is how exchanges can work together with the instant and irreversible nature of MicroCash. I haven't had many thoughts yet about such cooperations but it is obvious there are many things to discover in the future.

    What have you been up to since SC24 ? :)
  3. enagi

    enagi New Member

    I think this is a great idea!!!
    I used to trade a ***lot*** on solidcoin24 and I loved it.
  4. SuperTramp

    SuperTramp Administrator Staff Member

    Wow Julian, loooooong time no see! Great to see you re-joining us again! I can't honestly remember how much volume I put through your old solidcoin24 exchange but it was a ton! I would love to see you re-open an exchange for the launch of MicroCash. Great to see you again and I look forward to trading once again on your exchange. :)
  5. Julian

    Julian New Member

    Thanks for the positive feedback! I completed my Bachelor's degree in computer science since Solidcoin and am nearing my Master's degree now :)

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