1. podizzle

    podizzle New Member

    As leader of the grass roots microcash pr movement in michigan i invite you all to join the team!
    Stop doubting MrSolid!I
    It's enough.
    You better join the MicroCash Team now
    this is my last invitation!
    Join the team. I love you!
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  2. GielBier

    GielBier Moderator Staff Member

    Nice to see the grass roots MicroCash PR movement (Michigan) represent.

    -Please cut down on the cap usage, i have edited them out for you-
  3. podizzle

    podizzle New Member

    whats with the censorship? fuck this im out
  4. SuperTramp

    SuperTramp Administrator Staff Member

    Haha !! :p
  5. GielBier

    GielBier Moderator Staff Member

  6. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer


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  7. MrCrazy

    MrCrazy New Member

    rofl that escalated quickly indeed
  8. Merlinscat

    Merlinscat New Member

    I see Poodrizzles wit has not faultered
  9. wurstgelee

    wurstgelee New Member

    haha. no.
  10. MrCrazy

    MrCrazy New Member

    HaHaHa! Yes!
  11. bitmonk

    bitmonk New Member

    Any requirements for joining "the team" ? I am a bit curious to know..
  12. Edmar

    Edmar New Member

    same question on my top?
  13. hanan listyo wibowo

    hanan listyo wibowo New Member

    i translator, can i join?

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