1. maxalt

    maxalt Hey macarena!

    Use this thread to introduce yourself.


    I am max, found crypto in late 2012, hung around since....
  2. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    2012 max? I am so much older in Crypto than you because 2011 here. ;)

    I wish I found out about Bitcoin earlier because the concept of it fascinates me even if the actual implementation doesn't. Or even the whole concept of cryptocurrency itself. Even though I know Bitcoin did not invent that concept, often you need some technical vehicle like Bitcoin to inspire others and I think it has done very well. And the coder who made it put a lot of time and passion into it which is also inspiring.

    A lot of coders, even myself, can talk and talk about some way to do something but the guy who actually goes out and does it is always better than the talkers I think.
  3. fellow

    fellow Member

    I found out about crypto while using google to find something about hardware benchmarks (how they work). A site mentioned bitcoin and this made me wanting to learn more about it. Unluckily for me this has been quite late (mid 2013 I think) because bitcoin was already traded for 50$ a coin.....

    I am not a coder nor a system administrator. I do whatever is required and learned this way really much over the years.
    My passion is to create flawless concept designs and to create simple working proof of concepts for them especially if most people think what I want is impossible or they sometimes have no idea about what I am speaking of (@work).

    I really like to make things simply happen. If there is a way to do something I do it.
  4. yuppie

    yuppie New Member

    I found out about Bitcoin when it was $5. I begged my parents to buy it, as much as they could and they laughed. My father didn't start to think of a plan for mining until the price reached $25. By then, it was too late. I started day-trading bitcoin when cryptsy.com was fairly new to the scene. I quickly found mcxnow.com and was astonished at the speed advantage over cryptsy's slow interface.

    I'm only here to see if a site like it will ever exist again.
  5. manny hammers

    manny hammers New Member

    I have been watching for years, like waiting for a nasa probe to get somewhere but without a firm date for when it arrives.
  6. MrSonic

    MrSonic New Member

    My, I am handsome.

    J Sonics - never even 'eard of this bitcoin you talk of. Will it get me a cup of tea?

    I like being involved!!

  7. RLH

    RLH New Member

    I'm an old school Solidcoin guy. Hey Solid. I found some old source in some of my old files and I wanted to see if (by chance) there was any news of this mystical coin. Glad to see you're firing the project up again.
  8. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Hi RLH welcome back! Yes it is fun to work on MC again and with some new ways of doing things I think we can get things done faster now! What are you up to anyhow, last I saw you were in the Nxt community helping them out.
  9. RLH

    RLH New Member

    Yes, I was. I still own a fair amount of Nxt and assets, but nothing had caught my eye for a while. I had invested in JINN which is a Nxt asset for developing ternary IoT device. I found it interesting and, eventually, Come-from-Beyond and a couple of other JINN devs decided to work on and (soon) release IOTA which is a ternary based IoT token.

    Anyway, that's where I've been lately. I hope the past couple of years have gone well for you.
  10. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    That sounds great. I really like what Nxt has done when it comes to all those services they created. It may not be as secure as MicroCash or as fast but I think those features it has were great to see in action. You and me were talking about a lot of them before Nxt was around so it is great to see developers going out there and actually doing cool stuff.
  11. RLH

    RLH New Member

    Yeah, they've done some cool stuff. I'm not against any of that work, but my current issue with most new crypto projects today is that they are trying to do "to much." I love having a distributed, decentralized exchange for assets, but things like Nxt, Ethereum, BitShares, etc., are also sometimes to complex. I hope Microcash will continue to mold into what it was once simply going to be-- a really good, really fast payment processor.

    Now, I won't be opposed to the addition of "interest payments" or whatever, but for the time, I'm just going to sit back and offer minimal suggestions and thoughts. I'm not into crypto as much as was back in 2012-14.
  12. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Yeah MicroCash is just designed to throw maximum transactions out. On a highend PC it can already do VISA+MASTERCARD+PAYPAL combined, times by 3. You would need a 500mbit internet connection but it is possible. ;) Once the code is optimized I hope for even higher numbers but it will be good to have such a high throughput from the start.

    I agree with you on the complexity, it needs to be simple in my opinion so it is easy to work on, and obviously fast. That doesn't mean it should compromise on what people want but it needs to be simple to understand.

    With the way we are doing sidechains they will not bloat memory or CPU usage to handle anything. We wanted the design to be such that the main MC nodes don't care about anything extra that is invented that uses its technology and can just thrash out the transactions like a beast. I feel like you have to allow that flexibility that people will want to use it like a decentralized database because it will open up the entire peer to peer (P2P) spectrum if successful.

    Having a fast, instant, irreversible currency allows you to do many P2P things securely and with good performance because attackers cannot abuse the system without spending significant money to do such. It is the one thing holding back many peer to peer projects currently. And peer to peer projects are the way forward for a lot of humanities problems as far as I'm concerned.
  13. notyep

    notyep New Member

    notyep here, back from the glorious days of solidcoin! :). Haven't been in the crypto scene since the awesome days of MCXNOW and the DogeCoin launch but looking forward to the great things MC is going to bring to all HumanKind! Will be brushing up on my linux skills so I can help the project anyway I can. :)
  14. buyx

    buyx New Member

    Did you know that buyx means buy crypto? I do mostly just buy as a matter of fact. I have burned one laptop in the summer of 2012 mining bitcoins, too. Mined about 1 BTC total. When bitcoin was at $12. I used to do QA in a supercomputer manufacturing co. Now I mostly teach science and math. Not sure how I could be of help to the community, but I have 2 servers I could use for testing purposes/keep the MC network up.
  15. notyep

    notyep New Member

    Great to have you buyx! Feel free to download one of the builds and give it a whirl! The fun is just beginning!
  16. buyx

    buyx New Member

    PS. Congrats on MC alpha, team build, and forum choice!
  17. buyx

    buyx New Member

    Thanks! localhost looks smooth on my Win7 machine ;)
  18. GielBier

    GielBier Moderator Staff Member

    I really don't like doing this kind of write ups. But well.
    GielBier - been in crypto for a while. (2011 i think.)
    I make stuff, i break stuff.
    That seems about accurate.

    [offtopic] [me] waves at the familiar faces [/me][/offtopic]
  19. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Welcome guys, nice to see more people joining.
  20. maxalt

    maxalt Hey macarena!

    GielBier, have we met?

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