Are maintance costs for wallets on exchanges fair?

  1. Absolutely!

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  2. I pay maintance for holding delisted coins until my balance has gone instead of after date X?

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  3. I think this is a cover up for a hack.

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  1. fellow

    fellow Member

    Today I just realized that cex.io charges wallet maintance costs for holding altcoins by simply updating their tos.


    These costs get charged by day and if you have a balance of lets say 1000 WDC they are gone after 100 days! (WDC wallet - 10.00000000 WDC per day)

    Currently this seems to only apply for coins which their pool does not mine anymore or the exchange does not trade anymore. Maybe this is their way to say withdraw the delisted coins or loose them ;-)
  2. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Whether it is a cover up for a hack or not, the fact remains it is annoying dealing with a lot of those currencies so imposing a cost to cover that annoyance for them is fair in my mind. They may have got double spent on a few of their altcoins, like most altcoin exchanges have at some point.

    The annoying thing with exchanges in general is the fact nearly all cryptocurrencies are slow going in and out. Most especially Bitcoin. Hopefully something like MicroCash changes the way a lot of us deal with exchanges in general.
  3. bitmonk

    bitmonk New Member

    I could understand if they are charging that while the pools there are still running and mining. But to extend such fees even while there is no mining is involved is just a sheer robbery in the works.

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