1. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    It looks like any of you guys who lost Bitcoins and Litecoins at cryptsy may be able to get them back soon. At least if what the following link suggests is true! Good news. Do you guys think their reputation can be restored after this? They were a very popular exchange.

  2. pineapples

    pineapples Member

    I havent seen anything suggesting cryptracker actually has access to the coins.
    All the posts I've seen have just made the claim without anything resembling evidence.

    And that cryptracker signature is the best ever. Makes me wish I left school at 10.
  3. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Is there some place where that is being discussed?
  4. pineapples

    pineapples Member

  5. pineapples

    pineapples Member

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  6. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Thanks for the link, the typical troll force is out to accuse everyone of everything without any evidence.
  7. SuperTramp

    SuperTramp Administrator Staff Member

    Incredible story. Not sure what to believe there.
  8. fellow

    fellow Member

    Maybe his wife has disclosed the wallet keys by asking someone for help like: "could you please take a look on these USB thumbs and tell me if the content has any worth? If you find anything secure it and you can keep 10%"

    Lately this helping hand found out which keys were discovered ;-)
  9. Ryler Sturden

    Ryler Sturden Member Staff Member MC Developer

    Well I found Paul Vern's story that he was running all currencies on a single host odd. You cannot run much more than Bitcoin on a single host if you have a busy site like he would have, I know from experience.

    If he wants us all to believe he ran some trojan currency on the same server as the Bitcoin one then it goes against their stated security practices. If they were actually on different servers then he wants us to believe this trojan somehow hacked another server to get the Bitcoin server and then drain the wallet. I mean these are quite ridiculous things here, the only time this could happen is if you knew nothing about security and used the same password for every thing.

    Cryptsy also stated they stored most of their balances in cold storage, which is a lie when faced with the reality of what happened (90% of the Bitcoin was lost).

    I haven't heard Paul state why they lied about their security, because that is a problem in itself and not related to the actual loss of funds. What is the explanation for it? Maybe he is too embarrassed to say.

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