1. shin1234

    shin1234 New Member

    I really wanted to share to you guys the interesting cryptocoin I have discovered, the cryptobullion; this coin could be a nice investment opportunity right now while the developers are working hard at implementing all the projects.

    Check it out! Crypto Bullion (CBX) is listed on yobit and cryptopia next stop would be in bittrex, I encourage you to learn more about it for yourself: you can check it here. http://cryptobullion.io/ or here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=951753.0 the dev team is very responsive, they even have a program giving 30% free coins bonus if you buy from cryptopia. just reply here if you are interested to invest guys.
  2. carlisle1

    carlisle1 New Member

    Well it will be very interesting to see our money grow with this new system . Im just waiting for a time till the price of cbx gets higher xD . Hello shintosai . Hahaha

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