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    “Official Coin of Virtual Reality” - Halsey Minor



    "Voxelus" is the name of the VR Platform which allows anyone regardless of skill level — to create VR (Virtual Reality) video games, experiences and virtual spaces without writing code. It consists of "Voxelus Creator" (Available Here) a 3D design app for PC and Mac (open source building software), and the viewer known as the "Voxelus Viewer" (Available Here), which works on desktop PCs, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR headset devices. The Voxelus ecosystem, uses an in-game cryptocurrency known as "Voxels" (VOX). Voxels is the official currency of VR and the only form of money used inside the Voxelus Platform. Voxels will power the Voxelus ecosystem and will be used for the purchase and sale of all content, services and awards. Voxelus plans to offer a revenue share with creators as the VR game industry is estimated to be a 12 Billion USD market in the coming five years. Samsung's coinciding Q1 planned release of the Samsung Gear VR Headsets will allow the technology of Virtual Reality to finally reach mainstream adoption with Voxelus primed as the leader in VR content. Estimated prices will range from 99.99 to 299.99 USD for the Samsung Gear VR Headsets. Previously, VR headsets were too prohibitively expensive even for developers to use, let alone end-user gamers.

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    Voxels will be the only cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin supported by Uphold. Here is Upholds latest blog post which explains the partnership and acceptance of Voxels and the upcoming "VOX Card".
    On October 14, Uphold announced the ability to fund accounts via credit card, bank transfer and Bitcoin, which will give Voxels equal functionality to Bitcoin on its platform and accessible to people around the world.
    Currently Uphold handles more than 20% of all Bitcoin Transactions in the world making it the largest Bitcoin exchange system.

    To Purchase Voxels please visit www.voxelus.com
    or www.uphold.com


    Windows QT Zip-

    Mac QT Zip - https://mega.nz/#!Ks1kkaoD!9Xdw3rp6_oYEuh96BOa2TJFuqfZyJRUb4N4a7yvl4PM
    Mac QT .dmg - https://mega.nz/#!blFQRKSa!7WpFBBvmVwpV-To7Y6fCwvgkDnmCNRzz2utsxDQGOq8

    The Private Presale, and the Public CrowdSale are being handled by Eric Voorhees at Sale.Voxelus.com which is powered by Shapeshift.io
    31.5 Million Voxels have been Released for Sale with Time-Based Tiered Pricing.
    The private presale sold 1.2 million Voxels to initial investors.
    Voxel’s public crowdsale at Sale.Voxelus.com will last 30 days and will sell up to the remaining 30.3 million tokens it has made available at this time.
    Voxels are priced in Bitcoin , on day one of the crowdsale they will be available for 0.001 BTC (approximately $0.34 USD) each, based on that day's exchange rate during the crowdsale.
    This rate will only be available for 24 hours, ending on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 8:59 am PST.
    After that, the rate will increase to approximately $0.38 USD (900 voxels per Bitcoin) through Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 8:59 am.
    Final tiers are at approximately $0.43 USD (800 voxels per Bitcoin) through Sunday, November 22nd 2015, and $0.45 USD (750 voxels per Bitcoin) through December 2 (earlier if all voxels sell out first).
    The Final selling crowdsale price was 1/650 per BTC.

    Voxels is the only currency for use in the Voxelus VR Platform.
    The remaining 85% of Voxels will be released for public sale over the next 20 years at
    Voxelus.com and Uphold.
    Each 15% or 31.5 million VOX will be available for sale, after the previous 15% has been purchased. This will happen as the Voxelus VR Platform expands, Voxels will be released based on public demand as they are purchased from
    Voxelus.com and Uphold. Some Voxels will be offered and used for development, content creator bounties, and marketing.

    Voxelus, the world’s first end-to-end virtual reality content creation platform and marketplace, has completed its private pre-sale of 1.2 million Voxels (VOX) for a total of 1,022 BTC ($350,000 USD at the close of the pre-sale).
    A vast majority of orders came in during the final 48 hours, following in-person presentations to industry leaders at the Money 20/20 and Bitcoin Investor conferences in Las Vegas this past week.
    This represents the largest amount ever raised in a private crowdsale of a cryptographic token. The prior record was held by Swarm, which sold $250,000 of its tokens privately before selling a total of $1 million in the combined private-public crowdsale. The all-time record for a public crowdsale of a cryptographic token was last summer’s Ethereum crowdsale, which raised 31,529 BTC across a 42-day public crowdsale (valued at $18.4 million at the time).


    The CoinTelegraph - Voxel Pre-Sale Raises Record $350,000
    CoinDesk - Voxel Public Crowdsale Goes Live
    CoinReport - Voxelus to launch largest VR content marketplace, debuts in-game cryptocurrency for purchases
    CryptoCoinNews - Voxelus Plans The First Cryptocurrency – Voxels – To Power A Rising Virtual Reality Marketplace
    Bitcoinist - Voxelus Will Be the First Virtual Reality Marketplace with Its Own Digital Currency
    Silicon Angle - ‘Voxels’ to become the first cryptocurrency to power a VR marketplace via Voxelus
    NewsBTC - When Virtual Reality Meets Virtual Currency!
    ROAD TO VR - ‘Voxelus’ Aims to Let Everyone to Build Their Own VR Content
    TNW News - Voxelus’ new VR Marketplace will accept only ‘voxels’ cryptocurrency as payment for assets and games
    VRFocus - VR Content App Voxelus Viewer Has been Launched
    PSFK - Launch of Largest VR Marketplace Signals Rising Tide for Virtual Reality
    InsideBitcoins - Voxelus Will Be the First Virtual Reality Marketplace with Its Own Digital Currency

    POW Scrypt Cryptocurrency - Clone of Litecoin
    210,000,000 Coins - Fully Premined
    0.00 Block Reward - Mining is possible but not recommended.
    2.5 Minute Block Target
    30 Minute Retarget
    RPC port 9537
    P2P port 9538





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    Halsey Minor
    [email protected]
    Founder of CNET , Salesforce, Google Voice, Chairman of Uphold(formaly Bitreserve), Chairman of Voxelus.
    An Internet and tech pioneer Halsey Minor founded CNET Networks in 1993. He led CNET to become a NASDAQ 100 company 1998. In 1997 Halsey spun off technology developed by CNET to create Vignette, a web-publishing software company.
    Vignette reached a market capitalization of $10.7 billion in 2000. Halsey also provided the seed funding for trailblazing music service Rhapsody in 1998.
    In 1999, Halsey invested $19.5 million in Salesforce.com, foreseeing the emerging cloud-computing industry.
    In 2005, he established Minor Ventures, the vehicle through which he founded and funded a string of successful tech startups, including OpenDNS, a web security leader, and Grand Central Communications today known as Google Voice.
    In 2013 Halsey founded Bitreserve.org which is transforming the way money is used around the world
    Quotes from Halsey Minor:
    "Voxels are the official currency of virtual reality."
    "By giving Voxels functionality equal to Bitcoin while serving the ecosystem of the leading Virtual Reality gaming platform,
    represents a remarkable technical achievement and reflects the maturity of both the Voxelus and Uphold platforms."

    Martin Repetto
    [email protected]
    CEO and co-founder Voxelus

    An Argentinean software industry veteran, Martin has been working for the past 20 years developing everything from e-commerce platforms, dynamic web development, mobile applications, to video games. Prior to Voxelus, Martin was the CEO of Minor Studios managing a team of 21 developers in the creation of Atmosphir, a video game creation tool that ended up as a runner up on TechCrunch 50 in 2008.
    Quotes from Martin Repetto:
    “We are delighted by the strong response from both the VR and cryptocurrency communities, who are excited by the possibilities that an in-game cryptocurrency can contribute to accelerate and globalize the spread of virtual reality content."
    "Voxelus allows the 2.5 billion people in the world who have no bank account but have a mobile phone to create, buy and sell Virtual Reality content, and it’s just as easy for people in developed countries as well."

    Máximo Radice
    [email protected]
    Voxelus Platform Developer
    Maximo has worked in the software industry for 14 years, with most of the time spent on the development of video games. Prior to Making Fun, Maximo was the COO of Minor Studios overseeing the day to day operations in the creation of Atmosphir, a video game creation tool that ended up as a runner up on TechCrunch 50 in 2008.

    Michael Terpin
    [email protected]
    Voxelus & Voxel PR Team
    Chairman, BitAngels, Partner, AngelList Bitcoin Syndicate and CEO, Transform Group
    Michael Terpin co-founded BitAngels the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups, in May, 2013, and now serves as its chairman. The distributed angel network currently has more than 600 members, and it has made more than 25 investments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies with two exits and several follow-on rounds.
    He also co-founder and managing partner of bCommerce Labs (site not yet launched), the first technology incubator fund focused on e-commerce companies for Bitcoin and the blockchain.
    Terpin is also a partner at Flight VC, where he helps run the AngelList Bitcoin Syndicate with legendary super-angel Gil Penchina.
    In addition, Terpin is founder and CEO of Transform Group, a marketing holding company that includes SocialRadius, one of the nation’s first social media marketing firms, and a global digital PR firm. The Firm currently represents more Bitcoin companies than any other PR firm in the world, including ChangeTip, iGot, Noble Markets, Neucoin, Rivetz, ShapeShift and Tether, and has worked on projects for Bitcoin Shop, Counterparty, Factom, Gem, Gyft, KnCMiner, Kraken, MaidSafe, Mastercoin/Omni and Swarm. Transform Group is headquartered in Las Vegas, with additional offices in Santa Monica, Mountain View, and Dallas.
    Quotes from Michael Terpin:
    “Voxelus is using voxels to make the content accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, including the 2.5 billion people with no access to a bank account,”
    “Uphold will help make this universally accessible. It will also trade on exchanges globally and by early next year, it can be purchased on Uphold using traditional credit/debit cards.”


    Jim Blasko

    [email protected]
    Creator of Voxels
    Jim Blasko has been building cryptocurrency companies and communities since he first discovered Bitcoin in 2009. Blasko is creator of the cryptocurrency UnbreakableCoin, and co-founder and voice of Bitcoin Talk Radio. In May 2015, he teamed up with BitAngels chairman Michael Terpin to create bCommerce Labs, an incubator of Bitcoin and blockchain consumer and e-commerce companies based in Las Vegas. He is also co-founder at the incubator’s first company, CryptoMarket, which is aiming to become the world’s largest consumer-to-consumer online auctions run entirely through cryptocurrency.
    Quotes from Jim Blasko:
    "With an the upcoming explosion of VR content provided by Voxelus and the release of inexpensive Samsung VR Headsets, Voxels is genuinely unique as it's the platform's only currency"
    "Imagine attending a live concert or event like the Olympics or Superbowl someday because Voxels allows you to buy your Virtual Experience. That's real innovation in my eyes."

    Voxels is Now Trading on Poloniex.com and Bittrex.com

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